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Making Crime Pay

I write and review crime fiction and thrillers and teach fiction writing and publishing at SSU.

FREE Guide on How To Write A Thriller: The Thriller Formula

In this guide, designed for those new to thriller writing, you will learn how to breakdown a seemingly overwhelming task into 8 distinctive sections that act as a blueprint so you’ll always know what to write next and where your story must go in order to meet readers’ expectations of the genre.



In this way, you will be following the structure of many of Hollywood’s blockbusting movies and the way this is translated into the thrillers written by your favourite authors you are reading and enjoying. You’ll learn exactly the format these successful thrillers follow that heightens readers’ emotions, takes them on a rollercoasting, page-turning thrill-ride, builds to an exciting climax, and leaves the reader absorbed to the end fully satisfied by the experience. This is the formula that has been so finely honed by Hollywood, and the greatest thrillers have it. Quite simply, it works.

Grab a free copy here: bit.ly/1HZWdaK