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Polygraph by Cy Wyss

Polygraph (Inspector Lukas Richter Book 1) - Cy Wyss

From the opening line that drew me in, I was gripped throughout this supremely engaging story.

Alcohol and bravado plunge Lukas Richter and his partner into a dangerous situation and they're soon alienated from all that's familiar. Richter, with his cool comebacks and preternatural senses, uses his perceptive insight to good effect to track down the July Strangler, a serial rapist whose crimes have escalated to murder. The problem is this is no ordinary opponent and for all Richter's astuteness, he now stands to lose everything.

This is a skillfully crafted short with naturalistic, believable dialogue and a terrific fight scene. The pace never lets up from the get go and I'm looking forward to making the acquaintance of Lukas Richter again. No reservations about this one, get it, then eagerly await Richter's next adventure.

Source: http://www.goodreads.com/author/show/13531174.Eden_Sharp