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The Bloodless Mask by Cy Wyss

The Bloodless Mask (Inspector Lukas Richter Book 2) - Cy Wyss

I had to read this after discovering Inspector Richter in Polygraph. I'm really glad I did. Time has passed and Lukas Richter has moved up the ranks and we get to know him far more intimately. Perceptive, resolute, fair-minded and with his enigmatic ojo loco, he's someone you'd want fighting your corner. This book skillfully spans time and the mythology surrounding the skulls was fascinating.


Like the previous Richter instalment in which he was introduced, The Bloodless Mask held me spellbound throughout and the high-octane chase scene left me breathless. Another thrilling and gripping tale in the Richter series. I was only disappointed that it was over. Now I need another.

Source: http://www.goodreads.com/author/show/13531174.Eden_Sharp